Wedding Packages

The single most important day of your life........... Niagara Falls Wedding DJ believes that your wedding could be the most important day of your life, also one of the most stressful. When it comes to the DJ we want you to relax, place your trust in an experienced and professional company. We take the time to consult with all couples prior to the wedding day discussing formats, music tastes, and your special dances.

  •   First Dance
  •   Bridal Party
  •   Parent Dance
  •   Father / Daughter
  •   Mother / Son
  •   Last Dance
Just like no two couples are alike no two
weddings are alike. We work hard to put your
personality into your event, not ours...... if you want to walk down the isle to Here
Comes The Bride or Another One Bites The Dust's your call, we listen.

Selected wedding packages include Cocktail
and Dinner music, along with Dance music until 1am.

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